With the rapid development of THz science and technology and its applications in various fields, numerous institutions and scientists from many countries have been paying great attention to the related research recently. Tens of thousands of researchers from different countries have been engaged in the relevant investigations. Furthermore, there are many THz connected academic conferences and seminars each year which attract thousands of scholars to participate. However, it is a great pity that so far there is no academic journal specifically devoted to the THz science and technology. Therefore, it is strongly suggested by THz experts that an international journal of Terahertz Science and Technology (TST) should be founded. And here it comes!

Aiming at all the scientists around the world, the International Organizing Committee (IOC) and all invited speakers of Shengzhen International Conference on Advanced Science and Technology (SICASTthe first conference held in Nov. 2007) agreed to affirm that TST will serve as a unique platform for all the papers presented in this influential biyearly international conference, and the IOC serves as the International Advisory Committee of the TST. Additionally, based on the successful website ^THz Research and Development Network ̄ (http://www.thznetwork.org.cn), TST will also function as an open window to demonstrate the insightful tidings and the latest progressing of this field.

We sincerely believe that this journal, firstly initiated by the fourteen papers presented at SICAST2007, will be the ideal place for THz-related-idea exchanging and developing.

May all our efforts contribute to the advancing and progressing of THz science and technology!

Thank you.

Editorial Committee of TST

March., 2008






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