International Journal of Terahertz Science and Technology
  TST >> Vol.3, No.4, December 2010: PP. 172-182

(Invited Paper) Quantitative Water Content Measurements in Food Wafers Using Terahertz Radiation

P Parasoglou 1, E P J Parrott 1,2, J A Zeitler 1*, J Rasburn 3 and H Powell 3, L F Gladden 1 and M L Johns 1
1 Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, New Museums Site Pembroke Street, Cambridge, CB2 3RA, UK
2 Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, J. J. Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0HE
3 Nestec York Ltd., Nestlé Product Technology Centre, Haxby Road, PO Box 204, York. YO91 1XY, UK
*1 E-mail:

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Abstract: A quantitative, non-invasive method of measuring the moisture content (< 25 wt %) of solid food wafers is presented. The method utilizes terahertz (THz) radiation and exploits its high sensitivity to small amounts of water. A linear relationship between transmitted THz signal intensity and moisture content is observed in the range 0.2-0.6 THz. Higher frequencies are affected by scattering due to the size of the pores in the food wafer. A robust quantitative measurement protocol, which requires simple calibration, is implemented based on a direct interpretation of the THz time domain signal.

Keywords: Spectroscopy, THz, Moisture determination, Food wafers.

Received: 2010-8-24

Published: 2010-12-31

Acknowledgments: PP acknowledges the financial support of Nestle and a Case Award from the BBSRC. MLJ, EPJP, JAZ and LFG would like to acknowledge EPSRC and RCUK Basic Technology Grant (EP/E048811/1). JAZ would like to thank Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge for support through a Research Fellowship.

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P Parasoglou, E P J Parrott, J A Zeitler, J Rasburn and H Powell, L F Gladden and M L Johns. (Invited Paper) Quantitative Water Content Measurements in Food Wafers Using Terahertz Radiation[J]. International Journal of Terahertz Science and Technology, 2010, Vol.3, No.4: 171-182.  DOI:10.11906/TST.172-182.2010.12.17




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