International Journal of Terahertz Science and Technology
  TST >> Vol.6, No.3, September 2013: PP. 165-176

Nonlinear interaction of terahertz and optical waves in nitride films

V. Grimalsky *, S. Koshevaya, M. Tecpoyotl-T., and J. Escobedo-A.
Autonomous University of State Morelos (UAEM), Cuernavaca, ZP 62209, Mor., Mexico
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Abstract: It is considered the three-wave interaction between a space charge wave and two counterpropagating electromagnetic waves of terahertz or optical ranges in waveguides based on n-GaN or n-InN films. The waveguides are formed by the nitride films placed on a dielectric substrate. Space charge waves at the frequencies f ≤ 500 GHz are amplified due to the negative differential conductivity, their finite widths lead to decrease of the amplification. It is possible to obtain amplification of the electromagnetic wave ~30 dB at the distances ≤ 100 μm. The input electromagnetic pulses of the durations≥100 ps can be amplified by the three-wave interaction without distortions when the transverse width of the pulse is greater than 5μm.

Keywords: Negative differential conductivity, n-GaN, n-InN films, Three-wave interaction, Amplification of THz and optical pulses.

Received: 2013-4-3

Published: 2013-9-30

Acknowledgments: This work was partially supported by SEP-CONACyT (Mexico).

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V. Grimalsky, S. Koshevaya, M. Tecpoyotl-T.,and J. Escobedo-A.Nonlinear interaction of terahertz and optical waves in nitride films[J]. International Journal of Terahertz Science and Technology, 2013, Vol.6, No.3: 165-176.  DOI:10.11906/TST.165-176.2013.09.10




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