International Journal of Terahertz Science and Technology
  TST >> Vol.2, No.3, September 2009: PP. 102-104

Frequency Response of Voltage-modulated Gyrotron

M.I. Petelin, A.S. Sedov
Institute of Applied Physics, RAS, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

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Abstract: For the gyrotron with the triode-gun and the depressed-collector, it is shown that modulation of voltages can be coordinated so that a relatively large frequency shift will be followed with only a small change of the output power. The modulation method is applicable to systems where the fast discrete electron cyclotron wave beam switching will be used in tokamaks to suppress hydrodynamic plasma instabilities.

Keywords: Gyrotron, Tokamaks, Voltage-modulated.

Published: 2009-09-28

Acknowledgments: The authors are grateful to Alex Bruschi, Volker Erckmann, Walter Kasparek, Keishi Sakamoto and Robert Olstad for stimulating discussions.

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M.I. Petelin, A.S. Sedov. Frequency Response of Voltage-modulated Gyrotron[J]. International Journal of Terahertz Science and Technology, 2009, Vol.2, No.3: 102-104.  DOI:10.11906/TST.102-104.2009.09.11




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