International Journal of Terahertz Science and Technology
  TST >> Vol.10, No.3, September 2017: PP. 71-76

Fabrication of antenna integrated UTC-PDs as THz sources

Siwei Sun 1, Tengyun Wang 2, Xiao xie 1, Lichen Zhang 1, Yuan Yao 2 and Song Liang 1*
1 Key Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials Science, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciencesand College of Materials Science and Opto-Electronic Technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Beijing Key Laboratory of Low Dimensional Semiconductor Materials and Devices, Beijing 100083, China.
2 School of Electronic Engineering, Bejing University of Posts and Telecommunications, P.R. China
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Abstract: We report the design, fabrication and characterization of an antenna integrated, waveguide-fed, traveling-wave uni-traveling carrier photodiodes (TW-UTC-PDs). In the device, a dilute passive waveguide structure, which is easy to be coupled with a single mode fiber, is adopted. Measurement results show that broad band THz emission can be obtained for frequencies up to 700 GHz.

Keywords: Terahertz source, UTC-PD, Antenna.

Received: 2017-8-20

Published: 2017-9-30

Acknowledgment: The work is supported by National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) (61474112, 61635010, 61320106013, 61574137), National Key Research and Development Program of China (2016YFB0402301), National 863 Program of China (2013AA014502).

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Siwei Sun, Tengyun Wang, Xiao xie, Lichen Zhang, Yuan Yao and Song Liang. Fabrication of antenna integrated UTC-PDs as THz sources[J]. International Journal of Terahertz Science and Technology, 2017, Vol.10, No.3: 71-76.  DOI:10.11906/TST.071-076.2017.09.05




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